Puntoasterisco® in the Agencies Ranking of Marketing Digital Merca2.0 2021.

Puntoasterisco® in the Agencies Ranking of Marketing Digital Merca2.0 2021.

Once again, the ranking has been published in the digital marketing agencies in the most recognized specialized magazine nationally, the magazine Merca 2.0. We are in TOP 3 at the Jalisco level.

Within the ranking, we are the agency that occupies third place at the state level and 45 at the national level. The ranking is highly competitive in an accelerated market, and keeping us inside and even keep climbing is an achievement that fills us with pride.

In Puntoasterisco, we focus on executing campaigns and the strategic planning and alignment of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which helps our campaigns meet realistic goals. Their optimization is oriented to the best performance. We are an agency that counts among its values closeness; this commits us to work with each client as if we were part of its internal development team because we know that "The success of its brand is our value."

Is digital marketing the trend of the future?

Digital marketing agencies should take on new responsibilities and roles for brands that need to understand an accelerated and, in more ways than one, reinvented environment. For many, it is understood as the big winner in the media of a crisis where many lost. However, specialization is required to find the business opportunities a hyperconnected world offers its customers.

There is no doubt that “Digital” will grow. According to figures from IAB Mexico, 46 percent of companies in the country increased their advertising investment in the digital field during the coronavirus pandemic. We will replicate this practice this year but with a percentage that will reach 62 percent. However, not all digital channels will indeed believe equally.

Challenges and reinvention

Yes, digital is the way to go, and brands are looking for strategic partners to help them understand this new reality. According to the Merca2.0 Research Department, the new challenge is that for 34.1 percent of agencies in the country, Low budgets are the main problem affecting your business. Turning this around will be vital to keep synergy in the middle of the pandemic. Specialization will be one of the paths to follow, adding practices and competence areas that could read as complementary.

Digital & e-commerce

The acceleration of the digital channel has favored the consolidation of platforms that were previously optional and have now become the main point of sale. The same effect is reflected in advertising and digital communication.

What services do you invest in?

Social media management (17.6 percent on average)

Inbound marketing (15.2 percent)

Comprehensive advertising strategies (14.6 percent).


While digital marketing is a promising path, it is also challenging, as it requires the adoption of new disciplines of knowledge, evolving at a rapid and precise pace, and facing the challenge of limited budgets. As concluded, Angélica Speich, country manager & Tribe leader Mexico for Multiplica, "the biggest challenge will be to capitalize on our conversations of the last five years, because although it is clear what companies require in terms of digital services: Traffic acquisition, UX, organic positioning, advanced analytics, development, now adds the orchestration of digital channels to achieve the long-awaited omnichannel, but also to generate greater relevance throughout the journey of users, not only to sell but also to provide service promptly and capitalizing on what a truly relevant experience can bring to ROI.”

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