Where does e-commerce go?

Where does e-commerce go?

The English consultancy Harvey Nash forecasts that e-commerce revenues worldwide will increase by 6.54 billion dollars by 2022, compared to the 3.53 billion generated in 2019. This growth increased revenues from this business and consumer trends and related services. For this reason, in Puntoasterisco, we present the tools and strategies of e-commerce that, in 2021, begin to show a more extraordinary boom and will be developed with greater force in the following years.

The voice of the e-commerce

People increasingly rely on voice assistant devices to do everything, especially online shopping. Voice commerce sales are expected to reach $40 billion by 2022, thanks to the ease and convenience it gives users on almost any of their devices.

Another reason for the growth of this tool is the increasing precision and convenience of the technology. Many companies are developing and promoting regional languages in their virtual auxiliary devices to maintain a more empathetic, comfortable, and close relationship with consumers (especially with the new consumption trends that appeared this year).

●To follow this trend, we can create different business strategies, like a campaign on Spotify for you.

The visual is increasingly essential.

The use of images is vital in product pages and the shopping experience of the entire app or website. Large companies focus on the visual factor to strongly influence the purchase decision. Some techniques that we could use to enhance visual commerce are:

●Modify and/or create images of your products in JPG to JPEG2000 or WebP formats to improve the quality and speed of loading.

●Create 360º images, a favorite of consumers because they enjoy this interaction and relate it with updated products and high quality.

●Add visual search tools, which allow users to browse the website without relying solely on traditional words or searches. Images work as shortcuts to product features or other style features.

AI and RA: your new plant employees

Artificial Intelligence (AI) already functions as a partner in the online store, offering personalized guidance and recommendations to customers. With it, companies analyze shoppers' buying history and browsing behavior to show them products they are more likely to buy. On the other hand, augmented reality (AR) allows users to see the product with greater fidelity, even in measurements and textures with photorealistic quality.

●We can help you create an app where your product catalog is available with augmented reality.

Cell phones will dominate the world... of online commerce.

By 2021, nearly 73% of online purchases are expected to be via smartphones. In addition, if your website doesn’t have a responsive interface, 30% of your potential buyers will likely leave the page within 5 seconds of logging in.

To analyze if your website has what it takes to compete in this growing digital industry, we can help you with the following actions:

●We will validate and analyze whether your website has the essential features to compete in online searches.

●We will examine and provide you with a detailed report of the responsive quality of your website, as well as the modifications that best suit the needs of the website.

●We will help you create an online store fully adapted to your brand’s services and/or products and develop and launch a digital marketing campaign that boosts store visits.

With these and many more options, in Puntoasterisco, we will devise a creative way to migrate your business model to e-commerce, with all the necessary tools for your consumers to connect with your brand, enjoying the best shopping experience.
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