The basics for a functional web; we call web thinking.

The basics for a functional web; we call web thinking.

Web development is central to planning a digital communication strategy for companies. Creating an optimal website involves considering specific business purposes and meeting expectations about the browsing experience of users.

To achieve the best performance will be necessary to achieve an adequate balance between various factors, such as communication, content, and functionality.

Here are some key things to consider if you’re going to create or restructure your website:

responsive web design:

More and more users are accessing the Internet from mobile devices. In Mexico alone, of the 65.5 million users who navigate the network, 95.3% connect through mobile devices, especially their smartphones. Therefore, your website must adapt to the design of desktop monitors and the different instruments used daily.

Responsive Web Development refers to a site’s ability to adapt to the size of any device, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. The arrangement of composition and elements of the web design adapts to the width of each one, allowing a better user experience.

A non-responsive website has more incredible difficulty positioning itself in Google through organic searches (that is, it does not require some investment to appear in search results).

load speed

Suppose your site is loading very slowly on any device with an internet connection. In that case, you are likely to have a high bounce rate of users, and, much more importantly, it is much harder for search engines to recognize it that appears in the top results (What is known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO).

The later you load a site, the more users will leave quickly, especially when most connect via mobile devices, where they are more likely to have less time (and even patience) to connect to the Internet.

Optimizing image weight, removing unnecessary components or code, and using a server-side cache strategy are some considerations you can take to improve your site’s load speed.

Upgrading to gain confidence

Users, over time, have become accustomed to visiting websites "perfected" that are easy to navigate and that can quickly provide us with the information we want. Here’s what they naturally expect to see when we open a website:

A good web link makes companies earn the trust of their users. If a website seems outdated, you may fall behind your competition, as a comparison between companies is a common habit when browsing the internet to look for provider options.

Therefore, in Puntoasterisco, we know the importance of maintaining an updated website and achieving each business's results. Within our portfolio of services, we can create your digital strategy so that your website is the cell that integrates one or several tools to achieve shared goals.

Contact us, and we will offer you a complete accompaniment in the creation or update of your website, besides resolving all your doubts about it.

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