Ranking of Design Agencies PAREDRO 2020

Ranking of Design Agencies PAREDRO 2020

The magazine PAREDRO specializes in themes of design and creativity and publishes its Ranking of Design Agencies 2020, in which it publishes annually the best design agencies in Mexico. Puntoasterisco occupies position number 9 at the national level and number 2 at the Jalisco level. We present an excerpt of the report, and we invite you to download it in total, which also includes the opinion of Nacho Nájar, one of our directors of the agency:


It starts a decade, and visual creativity does not diminish its great importance for professional work in the new twenties. The trend is that technology and its relationship with design evolve towards a "more personal" graphic that represents brands, companies, institutions, and people, allowing audiences and consumers to identify fully with it. This same innovation created a need for concept matter (in addition to the transition that this meant) and, of course, an adaptation to the current conjuncture of the different societies and existing historical contexts.

The design and creativity agencies in Mexico have as their primary challenge facing a great competition between peers and incomparable offers (as well as other challenges), so to establish themselves as industry leaders, they need to demonstrate the qualities that set them apart from the rest. The Department of Research of Paredro presents its Ranking of Agencies of Design and Visual Creativity 2020 and exposes an overview of this essential productive sector today. We also offer the voice of the most important protagonists of these agencies, who share their vision of the panorama that this sector has today.

The job of each agency is to develop a methodology that works for them and gives results to clients. One of the most popular and influential is to use Design Thinking, which helps to focus on "understanding the user from a closer perspective and using tools that allow generating innovation in an agile way," as explained by Ignacio Nájar, managing partner of Puntoasterisco.

"The real challenge is to make them see the value of a comprehensive and professional communication project and how this can help their brand have a perceived value beyond the development of their products or services. Design agencies will face, like all industries, the automation and optimization of design processes at meager costs," says Ignacio Nájar.

And in addition to this, due to the country's current situation, there will be no tendency to spend economic resources; on the contrary, it will see a bias towards savings, so customers will seek cheap services with a lower infrastructure that will not guarantee quality.

One of the most effective ways to anticipate trends is to create them; this does not mean that proposals are made without support. On the contrary, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation coupled with an extensive analysis of what has already been developed to raise new products.

Again the digital world makes our bet on it and its immense possibilities in addition to a "design that feels less commercial and closer to people, such as flexible and adaptable brands, both in its brand construction and communicative discourse," as Ignacio Nájar.
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