Puntoasterisco, on the road to greater social responsibility.

Puntoasterisco, on the road to greater social responsibility.

A company aligned toward social responsibility automatically generates greater productivity since there is an improvement in conditions for all its stakeholders.

This global trend is gradually gaining more recognition in our country; committed leaders add to their business objectives to carry out social impact actions in favor of the community, the sustainability, and the well-being of future generations. The global trend is the way to build bonds and create a good working climate. If people feel comfortable working, the results will be positive exponentially.

In Puntoasterisco, we align our strategy and processes, oriented towards greater social responsibility, building proposals for our team to have a better quality of life, spend more time with their families, and achieve a balance of personal and work life. Many see corporate social responsibility as an aspect to improve the corporate image, but we are sure that it is a win-win, and we have taken our first step; from August 2021, we migrated to flex-office mode.

As some of the aspects that help improve the quality of life, our team appreciates:

●Be more productive

●Be more inspired

●Optimize your time

●Eating in a healthier way

●Lessen stress

●Commuting savings

In addition, reducing the number of daily transfers per person minimizes the carbon footprint per office trip, which is good for the environment.

Making this decision puts new challenges on our table, but we take it as part of an innovation process. Every change begins with small steps. Today we are motivated and committed to carrying them out for the benefit of the company, society, and the planet.

Do you want to take action?

Take your company towards a b corp or social responsibility hand in hand with agencies that support this transition. We are already on the way. If you are reading us, you are also part of Puntoasterisco , and we greatly appreciate your confidence, which gives us the certainty to reinvent ourselves.

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