More than a party, the challenge of designing our present and future.

More than a party, the challenge of designing our present and future.

International Design Day commemorates the designer's work; on this day, we recognize the potential of professionals to contribute to the development of our society based on creativity.

"Design is an intermediary between information and understanding." (Hans Hoffman)

Today as creative strategists and designers, in the social and economic circumstances that the quarantine has led us to modify radically, we ask ourselves, What do we do from our area to help our environment? what can we do from our "isolation"?

We began by taking up the very concept that motivated us to choose our profession and make it our work: designing concepts, ideas, and images that focus on the well-being of our friends, family, and lifestyle. We challenge ourselves to work for a better world that looks after the common good through campaigns that help us reconnect with people and with our essence.

We rely on the beauty of images and the power of communication as factors to improve mood and provide perspective. We want to inspire with strategy towards the search for new business models that allow us to reactivate our economy and adapt to the new terms under which, as a society, we decide to reinvent ourselves after this crisis, which others call an opportunity for change.

Let’s keep designing to develop our environment and improve future scenarios.


And how much do branding services cost?

Let’s start in the most important economy on the planet, the United States of America, where we can find the highest fees of branding agencies in the world; according to the portal and its article Top Branding Agencies of 2020, you can consult here towards the end of the report:

For example, for designing a logo, the average branding agency in the United States is between $3,500 and $150,000. The average hourly cost in our neighboring is between $125 and $200, and in Europe, it is between $35 and $75. In Mexico, we are much closer to the price per hour in Europe, and we can offer you highly professional solutions for all types of companies and enterprises.

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