The great benefits of G-Suite and how to get the most out of it

The great benefits of G-Suite and how to get the most out of it

More than an option, they have become a fundamental principle for the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises, where this poses a more significant challenge, as it requires more optimal use of the available resources.

For different businesses that do not have the money to pay for the most up-to-date software, some alternatives facilitate the pace of work and even work wonders so that customers can be aware of the company’s activities in different ways.

In this case, the Google Cloud G-Suite is a series of cloud programs that help streamline the workflow, especially for those who have few resources and want to make the most of them.

G-suite offers comprehensive communication tools, the creation of essential office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...), and online data storage, free for any user and larger computers; the benefits extend to shared workspaces and much more developed administrative panels. Costs range from 200 pesos per month, depending on the number of workers, needs, and objectives.

Here are some of the advantages of these programs so you can contemplate them and apply them to your business plan:

●Creation of documents in real-time

This is one of the primary reasons why many users (mainly students worldwide) have migrated to this platform.

G-Suite allows you to create documents for written content, spreadsheets, forms, simple web pages, and slides for presentations, with the advantage of storing and editing at any time. As well as sharing them with collaborators and customers who require consulting the latest documents without the need to send different versions.

●The best video calls

Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet allows you to host video chats with 25 active users. Participants can also share screens, allowing them to work on documents online much more practically and efficiently. With Hangouts On Air, you can stream live and, at the same time, archive the complete videos in your YouTube account so that you can store tutorials or conferences on the spot.

●work offline

You can configure apps to work offline, allowing you to achieve maximum productivity anywhere you need it. All G Suite tools were designed with the collaboration to share workflows with other people, either inside or outside your organization, so when they are back online, they will automatically update any editing in the document.

As specialists in these areas, we already work with G Suite, with a fully customized workspace adapted to our client's needs and objectives. If you need to migrate your company to the digital world and require an expert partner, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be your following advisors in the decision-making to get the best of G Suite.

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