The opportunity in the year of the tiger.

The opportunity in the year of the tiger.

The Chinese new year is considered one of the oldest and most important festivals; it is customary to see the Chinese communities come together to commemorate it. This year February 1st. The celebration of the Chinese new year can be between January 21 and February 20, which means that the date may vary each year but never before or after the dates mentioned.

The country has a lunar calendar composed of 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac, which rotate each year, predict the same development, and give luck to people born in their corresponding year. The red ribbons are protection, and the color red symbolizes good luck in China; it is not exclusive to those born in the year of the tiger. It is common for Chinese families to use red garments or give money in red envelopes to children.

The significance of this year

For China, it falls on the animal, which, being a water tiger, will provide courage, strength, kindness, and optimism, so we expect to focus on the good to come and begin to be more consistent with the people around us.

The year of the Tiger in a design agency

In Puntoasterisco, we collaborate with clients of different turns, we deliver creativity for them, and in the process, we also bring learning to our company. We were inspired by leading people and companies, such as Qin, oriental food. Always looking for the best for its collaborators and customers, this year, the tiger renews its branches, projecting with strength and betting on strengthening its organizational culture and making its team more agile and dynamic. This year is especially significant because their brand is linked to the tiger's identity, and we are happy to celebrate together.

It is a year of cultivating closeness and proposing new challenges; although these may be challenging, they will bring transformation and excellent fruits.

We wish you a prosperous year of the tiger! And exponential growth both personally and professionally. Thank you for being part of our community and inspiring us.

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