How to inspire your audience and increase your conversions in Digital Marketing?

How to inspire your audience and increase your conversions in Digital Marketing?

The platforms that leaders are those that manage to connect with users incredibly and are in the top positions in record time, becoming essential for both users and brands.

And in that sense, Pinterest promises to be the big star of 2021. More than 1,500 brands and large companies are on this platform, accumulating more and more audiences, gradually becoming an excellent sideboard for many brands and an important source of potential customers.

Pinterest is an image-based content delivery platform that creates "dashboards" that function as a digital scrapbook linking to user-relevant content.

In Mexico, more than 26 million users visit the Pinterest platform monthly to get inspired and discover the best ideas to discover trends, creativity, something new, recipes, fashion, infographics, interior decoration, or some clever ideas. And if any company has this visual content they’re looking for, they’ll quickly discover you, and that’s where your content makes the difference.

Given the above, it is also true that visual content, such as images and videos, is on an exponential rise and provides companies with two essential benefits for their development and growth:

●Improve Engagement: Displaying products or services with more visual content is a great way to get and engage your audience.

●Involve your followers: Transmit ideas, emotions, and information directly to the public, making them participate in the generated content.

Pinterest ads

Puntoasterisco is now a partner agency of Pinterest; today, we add to our digital solutions Pinterest Ads that publish ads as part of the content that users seek. Since it influences what users buy more than any other social or search platform, you are approximately 15 times more likely that a user makes some conversion when clicking on a Pinterest ad.

To build the credibility of your brand or company and lead users to take some action, the best platform for discovery is Pinterest.

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