Ad World Masters 2021, Agency of the Year: our first achievement of the year

Ad World Masters 2021, Agency of the Year: our first achievement of the year

Agency of The Year is an annual recognition for advertising agencies worldwide, based on the significant data results of each of them. More than 160 key data points of each agency are analyzed, thanks to the work of artificial intelligence that calculates the Agency’s Score and finally represents a glimpse of the agency’s potential during the year.

The award provides a new perspective to discovering the work of agencies. The Agency Score represents the perfect combination of digital and human information, such as reviews, SEO positioning, social interaction, web performance, awards, and more, which elevates and promotes the best agencies more objectively.

Agency of the Year positions are awarded in the Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories, according to the following hierarchy:

●Gold score ≥ 9.2

●Silver Score ≥ 8.7

●bronze score ≥ 8.5

In Mexico, the competition was characterized by 5 Bronze finalists. As Puntoasterisco, we positioned ourselves with a Bronze score of 8.6, an excellent place for many agencies that work throughout the country.

This award reminds us that, despite the great uncertainty of 2020, it is possible to stay afloat when working with perseverance, but above all, in a team.

This award belongs to all of us, our colleagues, friends, and family, who, without them, we would not be starting 2021 with such hope.

To all of you: Thank you very much!

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