Green consumption is the new trend.

Green consumption is the new trend.

For a while now, green consumption has become more vital and more powerful in the market, favored by consumers aware of the effect of their habits, and have decided to say NO to plastic packaging or, for example, seek healthier food.

This transformation came by deep problems such as climate change has powerfully echoed through social networks; some figures have decided to advocate for modifications that benefit the well-being and ecosystem instead of hurting them.

People who consider the green movement as a fundamental part of their day to day, can be identified by their mentality of "Consumption must be done responsibly,” or "This small action can produce significant changes,” is that not only the planet is your concern, but also your body and what you eat, so you always expect that the products you acquire are ideal to stay in the best condition and in balance with the environment.

Here arePuntoasterisco’s customers who understand how their market is transformed and who recognize the importance of taking care of the planet, as well as those who inhabit it:


Pastelería OK® has launched alternative ice creams made from coconut or almond milk to substitute cow’s milk and natural sweeteners. They add new products to the bakery's delicious menu, such as yogurt jelly and particular sugar-free cakes, perfect for those who do not want to abuse sugar. They even have a line of SuperFoods drinks with irresistible flavors such as Cacao, Matcha, Taro, and Golden Milk, which can be complemented with a protein sachet to make it a super complete food.

More Vegetarian:

In 2022, after several trials with the market, QIN introduces its new dish, 100% vegetarian. The Veggie Orange is the alternative to its flagship dish, chicken orange, recreated to expand its menu, providing more opportunities for the vegetarian market, fledgling or carnivores than for a day, wanting to try something different.

Less plastic:

Seltz launched its line of electrolytes; this product is committed to helping you stay well hydrated, not only if you are a high-performance athlete but in your daily life. Such a project has a bonus because it allows to no longer generate a more significant waste of plastic. After all, a tube contains 13 tablets to dilute in a water bottle, which you can use to refill at home instead of consuming 13 bottles of a substitute product, generating single-use plastic waste.

Are you ready for this trend?

We want your brand to be the customer’s favorite! If you have animal cruelty-free, vegan, environmentally friendly product launches, you can connect with an audience that will give your brand more value. We can do market studies, packaging, strategy, and support communication.

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