Designing 2021: Trends in Graphic Design for next year

Designing 2021: Trends in Graphic Design for next year

Anticipating the new trends that emerged this year, different brands have set the tone for their graphic design in 2021. With our clients, we've set up their further visual communication. Puntoasterisco also continues to feed our ideas. We're going to show you examples for next year.

MINIMALISM is more vital than ever

Although this element has been on the rise for several years, it remains a staple for brands and even irreplaceable for some; designers continue to push the boundaries of cleanliness, having fewer visual elements to make their message much faster and more direct.

Minimalism: Installed in so many domains, people, no matter what they are looking for, automatically link the clarity and simplicity of designs to a "good product," like fashion, websites, and advertisements. That influences their daily lives, where having less can lead to a more effective life.

Terracota, vintage right

Brands are leaving the bright tones of the Neo Mint that expanded this year and the pastel color palettes that also complimented it.

As a result, 2021 will be more muted colors without adjusting brightness and contrast; the terracotta colors, reminiscent of the advertising of the 1960s, will govern the following year with familiarity, nature, and transparency brands seek to convey their customers.

Some of the trend combinations will be navy blue and mint; mustard and beige; black and lime; pink moss and secret; black and scarlet red; soft green and white.

Liquidos, a futuristic psychedelia

As some call it, it is one of the most replicating brands for website redesigns and new software and information technology companies.

It is a proposal where the rounds surpass the strict design of the linear, not only in graphic design but also in the industrial, as in smartphones and automobiles. Unlike the classic rectangular models, the curves reflect a more organic affinity and easy navigation for users.

In Puntoasterisco, we work to identify, interpret, and apply new trends in communication and the changes that give rise to these trends. Suppose you are in search of recent graphic trends. In that case, you want to provide a comprehensive redesign to your brand, create a connection with your customers, and this is an intense emotional level, to go far beyond the aesthetic like you we want today, more than ever, to give way to the new and innovate together.

Contact us, and together we will build the new visual communication of your company, with a fresh, striking identity and ready for the market in the coming years. We’re prepared to work with you!

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